Custom Design Printing for Promotional Products

promotional printed products
Your branding is everything nowadays.  Consumers can tell the difference between what a name brand does for them and what the off-brand might represent.  If your brand is shared in a variety of different ways, including the way your brand is seen or observed out in the market, consumers will begin to familiarize themselves, thus building trust over time.

Sharing the story of your brand comes in the form of branding promotional products to form a deeper connection with you and the market.  Don’t forget that branding is just as important for small businesses as it is for the big guys.  Whether you are a pet grooming business or a corporate tax firm, one of the smartest ongoing efforts in the marketing world is to consistently improve upon and produce promotional products.

From personalized notepads to t-shirts or pens, Del Printing & Design can bring your brand to life with the variety of promotional products we offer.  Let Del Printing walk you through some of the reasons why this facet of your current marketing plan is so important to keep up with during the next year.

Advertising Continues to Shift to Branding

Consumers enjoy familiarity.  Their brands are sacred and enjoy having accessibility to the brands they enjoy to buy.  Therefore, small-and-large businesses need to continue developing purposeful marketing campaigns that extend traditional print or email marketing.

One of the best ways to develop an approachable brand is to review the first impressions of your brand: logo design, color palette, and the promotional items you produce that include your services and contact information.  Are there any areas you think are boring or uninteresting?  Have you had the same branding for decades and just need to spruce things up?

Well, you’re in luck!  Del Printing can completely redesign or lightly alter your branding so that your promotional products stand out and truly reflect your business.  Just remember… people want to relate to your brand’s story, making your brand familiar and, therefore, a regular approach hereon out.

Some Things Promotional Products Are Not

  • Uninteresting. Promotional products are not boring whatsoever.  Boring either looks like you didn’t put enough effort into your designs, or you just have had the same type of approach for years and years.  Don’t fall into this rabbit hole!  There are plenty of options for you to explore to not only change up the products themselves but to clean up your designs, too!
  • Useless. There are many different traditional products that are staples for marketing campaigns.  Most of the time, these still work just as well as they always have been.  These products serve multiple purposes within your consumers’ homes and businesses.  They write with them, drink from them, open bottles with them, and more.  If anything, promo products are often used more so than some traditional products for the same purpose.
  • Expensive. On the contrary.  Marketing expenses can often be seen as an additional expense that doesn’t always have an end to the means.  Careful promotional advertising will analyze your primary audiences and cater to their wants and needs.  Thus, when purchasing promo products for your business, you generally have to purchase them once.  Then, they do the work for you years down the line.  This will allow for continued exposure to your brand and an everlasting impression of your business.

Del Printing and Design: Design and Print Shop for Business Cards, Brochures, and More!

Del Printing can create the design that’s right for you and your business. No matter what you need, from logos and letterhead to marketing material such as flyers, brochures, and posters, we can help you develop the right look for your concept. Our professionals can create a design for any size project and printing format, including material for the web.

Whether you need to design and print a poster or to produce monthly flyers if you need printing services, Del Printing & Design is one of the best print companies in Macomb County!  If you have any questions about what designs we can produce for your business, give us a call at (586) 445-3044, or reach out by filling out the contact form on our website!